Time Is Money

Written by Jean Van Wyk, Marketing Specialist.

This harvest, every investment must deliver a return to your bottom line. Thunder Creek trailers are maximizing efficiency and profits for thousands of farmers. Check out this short video with a few of their stories.

Fast Fueling at 40 GPM

Written by Jean Van Wyk, Marketing Specialist.

Maximize your field time this harvest by refueling at 40 gallons per minute.

Two Days

Written by Stephanie Pfoltner, Marketing Specialist.

Brian's favorite things about the trailer is how fast he can get to the field and refuel with diesel and DEF. See these in action in the Side-by-Side Test Drive and 40 GPM Pumping System videos.
When Brian, who farms in Central Illinois, began using his Thunder Creek trailer earlier this year, he was impressed with how efficient his planting season went.

“[It] saved us two hours a day. With a 20 day window this spring, that’s 40 hours I saved,” he said. “Time turns into bushels.”

He's not alone. Farmers across the nation are finding a return on their trailer investment as a result of the time a fuel and service trailer saves during the critical seasons. Most customers we hear from are easily saving an hour a day.

How does an hour a day add up?

Harvest Savings For Your Operation

See how much you can save?