Owners: "Thunder Creek Is Best"

Written by Stephanie Pfoltner, Marketing Specialist.

Just because a fuel trailer looks like Thunder Creek, doesn't mean it is.

We are the original innovator of these square-by-design fuel trailers and DEF delivery systems. Thousands of people in the U.S. and worldwide count on their Thunder Creek trailer to work as hard as they do.

In this short video, hear from some of the owners we talked to recently, about how their Thunder Creek trailer impacts their operation.

The Innovative Spirit

Written by Jean Van Wyk, Marketing Specialist.

What does Thunder Creek Equipment know about innovation? It runs through the core of our culture. It's How We Began. And the passion to innovate - not emulate - is what drives us forward each and every day.
Innovation Showcase

That's why we are proud to be the official sponsor of Successful Farming's Innovation Showcase.

Have you fabricated a working prototype that is ready for the ag market? This competition can help you take your invention to a larger audience.

Two winners will be selected and each will receive $1,500. They will be featured in the pages of Successful Farming and showcased at a national agriculture trade show. In addition, each finalist will receive a one-day consultation with members of the Thunder Creek team.

Visit agriculture.com/innovation for details, including entry instructions and official rules.

Three Year Warranty

Written by Fred Buser, Marketing Manager.

Thunder Creek is by far Best In Class when it comes to design and manufacturing. So it makes sense that we would stand behind our trailers in the same way.

Industry Leading Three Year Warranty

Thousands of Thunder Creek owners in the United States and Canada will tell you that the quality put into each trailer is second to none.

As the original innovator, we have tested every design to stand up in rugged off-road conditions. Our manufacturing team, which includes ASME certified tank welders, takes a no-compromise approach to quality every day.

Field Max Service Center

Written by Jeremy Scott, Inside Sales Representative.

Maximize your ability to service equipment in the field with our newest option, the Field Max Service Center.

It can be installed in the driver side service box of Service Special Trailers and the Double Wall Service Special Trailer. You can also purchased it separately and install it yourself if you already have a Service Special Trailer.

  • A Montezuma-style box is mounted in the top drawer.

    • Holds either metric or S.A.E. tools
    • Lockable lid secures tools in position when closed
    • Weather stripping creates a tight seal against dust and moisture.
  • Three auto-latching drawers with roller bearing guides.

    • Each drawer holds up to 250 lbs.
    • One divided drawer (3")
    • Two open drawers (5" and 7")