Mobile DEF Tote: Because Downtime Is Never An Option

Written by Stephanie Bendlin, Sales & Marketing Ops Manager.

Is your operation ready to handle DEF this planting season? Delivering DEF in the field can be challenging, unless you have Thunder Creek’s DEF Transport Tote in your truck bed. This 50 gallon tank uses our 2-in-1 pumping system to maintain the purity of your DEF and protect your high horsepower equipment. Units are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Call today to get yours and be ready this spring. Hurry, quantities are limited.


How the DEF Transport Tote will function for you:

  • Loading
    The skid is easily loaded and secured using the same lift points. Everything is easily accessible from the driver side of the truck bed.
  • Pumping
    Unlike other portable DEF units, you don't need to move the pump between filling and dispensing. Just attach the coupler or nozzle to the hose, set the flow direction and turn the pump on.
  • Savings
    Thunder Creek's patent-pending 2-in-1 DEF pumping system allows you to fill and dispense using just one pump. You don't have to purchase a separate DEF transfer pump (saving you up to $2,000.)
  • Purity
    Most importantly, the Thunder Creek system maintains a completely closed path, so exposure to contamination is minimized.

0% Financing on Fuel & Service Trailers

Written by Cole Walker, Sales Manager.

Retail Finance Options through Agricredit

Thunder Creek has teamed up with Agricredit to provide three different retail finance options for our fuel and service trailers. Check out the great options below:

Seasonal payments available with an interest rate as low as 5.20%.

Make 12 equal payments over 12 months.

Go 6 months without paying any interest followed by 5.20% interest rate for the balance of term.

Make the most of this spring, with a Thunder Creek rugged fuel and service trailer financed with Agricredit.

agricredit These offers cannot be combined with any other offer from Thunder Creek Equipment. Check with your local Thunder Creek Dealer for approval and qualification requirements through Agricredit.

Section 179 Approved

Written by Jean Van Wyk, Marketing Specialist.

The Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014, known as the Tax Extenders Bill, has been signed into law. The bill increases the deduction limits, extending them to $500,000, as allowed in Section 179 of the 2014 Tax Code.

According to, "Only this 2014 tax year will be covered by this measure - therefore it is a good business decision for many to buy/finance equipment immediately to make the December 31, 2014 cutoff for the write-off provisions."

Units In Stock for Year End Purchase

There has never been a better time to get a field-ready Fuel & Service Trailer with a DEF Delivery Solution than right now. Call 866.535.7667 today and make your 2015 season more efficient.