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Written by Stephanie Pfoltner, Marketing Specialist.

Brian's favorite things about the trailer is how fast he can get to the field and refuel with diesel and DEF. See these in action in the Side-by-Side Test Drive and 40 GPM Pumping System videos.
When Brian, who farms in Central Illinois, began using his Thunder Creek trailer earlier this year, he was impressed with how efficient his planting season went.

“[It] saved us two hours a day. With a 20 day window this spring, that’s 40 hours I saved,” he said. “Time turns into bushels.”

He's not alone. Farmers across the nation are finding a return on their trailer investment as a result of the time a fuel and service trailer saves during the critical seasons. Most customers we hear from are easily saving an hour a day.

Harvest Savings

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For Your Operation

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Harvesting a "Bin Busting Crop"

Written by Jean Van Wyk, Marketing Specialist.

While the first official estimate of the 2014 corn and soybean production won’t be released by the USDA until next week, initial reports have emerged in the last few days indicating that a record corn and soybean harvest is likely, especially if milder temperatures can hold off damage from drier conditions.

Earlier this week, Farm Progress published Farm Futures Survey Confirms Record Crop Potential. The article projects average yields for corn at 171.06 bpa and soybean at 46.07 bpa.

Last week, a popular Bloomberg article Twin Corn Ears Expand U.S. Yield with Bin-Busting Crop reported areas across the upper Midwest have second ears are emerging on corn stalks.

Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey is quoted saying, “We are going to have a lot of fields in Iowa in excess of 200 bushels an acre.” He says the upcoming corn crop will top the all-time high set in 2009.

Predictions like these may build an early sense of security for growers, especially to offset low market prices.

But it also means growers will be responsible to bring the harvest in as efficiently as possible. We’ll have the same limited window to get these “bin busting crops” out of the ground and into the bins.

We’ll need as much uptime as possible. A Thunder Creek fuel and service trailer equipped with whatever you need – diesel, DEF, tools and parts – is a great way to do just that.

“The biggest thing is time savings,” says Randy B. from Minnesota. “We can take [our trailer] out, fill our equipment, and we’re good for the day.”

For more great tips on maximizing your field time this fall, check out this recent blog post: 8 Tips for an Efficient Harvest.

What's Your Return On Investment?

Written by Fred Buser, Marketing Manager.

The first step to understanding the value that a Thunder Creek fuel and service trailer would bring to your operation is to assess how much time it will save. We've put together this simple calculator so you can figure how traveling faster and fueling faster will pay out for you this fall.

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